Hellbound FPS Game Free Steam Key [Closed Beta]

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Hellbound is a 90’s style FPS inspired by classics like DOOM and QUAKE.

Hellbound developed by Saibot Studios (from Argentina) is a First Person Shooter game in the vein of the classics DOOM, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood and many others.

The game music is composed by David Levill, in terms of concept art, illustrations and main character Hellgore are created by Viktor Ahmed.


The idea of Hellbound is pretty big, it’s a very ambitious project. But the developers decided to start with a smaller part of it: the Survival mode, which will be first available during closed beta.

In Survival Mode, You have to survive in a Small island fighting against huge hordes of creates (enemies) using different weapons and items.

The developers of the game intend to make something a lot bigger, with a Single Player Campaign and Multiplayer Modes.

But these features they cannot guarantee now since it depends on how things go in terms of money. It will depend on the results of the Survival Mode.

To take part in the Closed Beta, you can sign up to get your Steam key at the official website.

You just need to register on the website and then wait for your key to arrive at your email, then just activate the game with that key at the Steam Platform.

If you are interested you can Pay $9.99 and support the project, to receive Closed Beta key instantly, and then a Definitive Key for the Final version.

Get Hellbound Closed Beta Steam key:

Visit the official website: https://goo.gl/7B2bMN enter your email address, nickname, select  country and hit “Sign up!”, confirm your email address.

hellbound closed beta steam key

Wait for some time ( it make take two hours) to receive the key, after receiving the code visit Steam online activation page: https://goo.gl/21cskw, enter the code or key and add the game to your Steam Library.

Download and play the game through Steam desktop client, Hellbound playable on Windows systems released to Steam on Feb 22, 2018.