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Helicopter Flight Simulator PC Game Available for Free

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Helicopter Flight Simulator game normally sells for $9.99 on Steam Store. This flight simulation is now available for free but on Microsoft Windows app Store.

You can view a huge price tag of the game on MS windows app store, but it retails for $9.99 on Steam digital store. The simulation game has basic graphics and Offers in-app purchases. I

On Steam Store I found only 7 reviews about the game, only two of them are positive.

If you like simulation games then try it as it’s free and you don’t lose anything unless if you opt in-app purchases.

Interested people or Windows 10 users can reach this .

Sign into  Microsoft store with your existing account and hit the “Get” button to add the game to your library. It’s free to keep if you get it while it’s free.

The game will be available for free for two days.

Helicopter Flight Simulator Game Description :

In a huge city, disasters happen almost every day. That’s why the helicopter rescue team needs your help! And to complete these missions you are to control a helicopter. Flying helicopters you will rescue people and fight fires and protect the civilian population.

In your spare time, you can practice in flying a helicopter. Unlock each of 3 rescue helicopter models. Fly through the checkpoints against time and master piloting skills.

Rescue Mission starts!

1) Turn on the helicopter engine and take off from the landing pad.
2) Fly through the city in search of the crash site.
3) Fight with fires and evacuate people from dangerous areas.
4) Fly each of 3 helicopter models.

Become a professional pilot and rescuer. Control different helicopters, protect the city and be a part of the rescue team!

Helicopter Flight Simulator

Helicopter Flight Simulator is your chance to:

  • Control one of 3 helicopter models
  • Complete rescue missions in the city
  • Enjoy the free flight and master pilot skills
  • Admire picturesque city landscapes

Be on the city guard and prevent disasters, flying rescue helicopters!