Heimdal Pro Free 1 Year License -Security App for Windows

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Heimdal Pro is a proactive security tool for windows systems and acts as a second layer of Security. It protects your PC from second generation malwares such as CryptoLocker and Zeus Gameover.

Unlike other traditional antivirus software’s which are highly focused on reactive security.This security suite protects your PC from ransomware, financial malware and other threats targeting your system apps.

Heimdal Pro will decrease your system exposure to cyber attacks.Its powerful traffic filtering engine can detect and block cyber attacks in various stages.

Traffic filtering is the key feature of Heimdal Pro. This is the main difference between Heimdal & other Antivirus Softwares.

With its traffic filtering engine, it will sanitize your web traffic. It may sound simple, but you don’t know what’s happening in the background.

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Advanced malware scanning engine is another key feature of this security software. It will analyze the behavior of software’s installed on your PC and blocks malicious apps.

Also, Heimdal acts as a software updater and vulnerability patcher. The security suite will look for outdated software on your system and updates them to the latest version.

Though this proactive cybersecurity suite is good for blocking Trojans and zero-day exploits.

This is not a replacement to your standalone security suite.

You still need a standard antivirus and Firewall for your system security.

Heimdal Pro complements your existing Antivirus software and safeguards your PC.

Get Heimdal Pro License for Free:


Go to this , log in with your pre-existing account or create a new account.

Click the “get serial code” button, You should get a serial code immediately.

You can download the installer from the promo page or from this link [757 KB].

Run the pro version installer and when you come across “Activation” window.

Choose the option ‘ I want to activate Heimdal Pro’ and enter the code you received from the giveaway page.

Finish the installation process and enjoy 1 Year subscription for free.