HDFC Securities Android app Launched

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HDFC Securities is a leading stock broking company and a subsidiary of  HDFC Bank has announced the launch of trading app for Mobile devices. HDFC Securities app is available for Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft Window-based phones as well as on tablets.

The Mobile Trading app will open trading opportunities for millions of people on the move and to those who don’t have access to trading portals and the apps provide enriched functionalities and features, and will ease clients to trade, transact and receive market information anytime, anywhere.

HDFC Securities app enables customers to place orders in equities and derivatives, get stock quotes, online hold/release of funds and securities, market-watches, track market movements and positions, place off-market orders etc. Aided by 256-bit encryption, the apps make sure that the transactions remain under foolproof security.

“HDFC securities has always been at the forefront of introducing pioneering technology applications in line with the consumer requirement. By the end of this month, our I-phone apps for phone and tablets would also go live for customers. Definitely we see mobile technology as a harbinger for growth,” said Jyotheesh Kumar, head marketing, HDFC Securities.

The launch of app could be seen as a significant step forward for HDFC securities. The company had earlier taken online trading from computer screens to your phones with the introduction of midlet-based mobile applications in 2011.

HDFC securities is completing 11 years in operation and has over 180 + branches, e-trading platform, unified tele-call centre to dial and trade and distribution presence across 350 cities in India and overseas.

Download : HDFC Securities Android Mobile App.

Note : The app is not available in Android market, users can download it from above link.