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Happy Ugadi


We wish all Readers and their family members  Happy Ugadi.
Ugadi is the new year’s day for the people of the Deccan region of India.Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka celebrate the new year every Chaitra Pratipada (Or padyami ) every year as Ugadi or Gudi Padwa.

Andhra people call it as Ugadi, Kannadigas call Yugaadi/Ugadi and its also celebrated in Maharashtra as Gudi Padwa!To me, its Telugu New Year.

How people celebrate Ugadi ?
The day, however, begins with ritual showers (oil bath) followed by prayers,all family gets together and people today buy new cloths, clean their houses and and exchange lots of gifts.Today they make a special prasada(m) called “Ugadi pachadi”
This “Ugadi pachadi” is composed of Neem Buds or Flowers ,Raw Mango,Tamarind Juice,sugar or Jagger,salt and Green Chillies or Pepper.

I wish you all happy and prosperous UGADI. You may embark all the happiness, health, wealth and its time to make new beginnings with working towards your dreams whatever you were dare to dreamt off… Cheers…..

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