Hangout Toolbox: Improves Google+ Hangout experience

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Hangout Toolbox is an extension for Google+, that provides several apps/extensions to improve your Google+ Hangout experience.The tool box contains about 5 apps   that are intended to improve your hangout usage.

Here is an overview about the included apps in Hangout Toolbox:

1.Lower Third
Most popular app which allows you to display lower thirds  (graphical bar with your name on it) or custom overlays. If you want to add an icon/logo to your lower third chose a file from your computer with the file selector. The best size for an icon is 75×75 pixel.’

You can also save your custom overlays and the Colorpicker, lets you to select your very own color for your lower third.

2.Volume Control
This app allows you to control the volume of each participant in a hangout or mute the entire hangout. All this is only locally for you and won’t affect any remote participant.

3. De-Face
Formerly known as Meme Face, allows you to hide yourself behind a meme/rage face.With this app you can enter a URL to a PNG/JPG to get your own overlay face. You can be whoever you want.

This is a fun app with great flexibility. If you add a custom image via URL you can also adjust the size by the slider underneath. Only PNG and JPG graphics are supported!

You might already know the sound effects of the Google effects app. This is a neat soundboard app provides even more sounds to play around with,there are some longer sounds in there, which you might want to stop via the “stop all” button on top.

Please use it where appropriate, otherwise it might get annoying for other participants!


5. Anonymous
Do you want to stay kinda anonymous in a Hangout? Hide your eyes behind a simple black bar.

All these apps can be used at the same time

Installation of Hangout Toolbox

To install this Hangout application/extension you have to load it once via the following link:

By clicking this link it will open up a new Hangout and ask for permission to load the application/extension. Once you’ve granted access the application will load.

From there on you can find the app either in the top bar of the Hangout or under “Add App” -> “Recent”

Usage of Hangout Toolbox:

When you open up the app/extension you will see an acordion menu on the left. This menu contains all apps which can be used simultaneously. Just click on one of the apps to expand the menu and access the settings of each app.