Hammerting Game Now Free on GOG!

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Get ready, bearded, mountain-loving adventurers! Hammerting, a simulation game about a dwarf colony, is available for free on GOG, so get ready to swing your pickaxe! It’s true! You can conquer virtual mountains and seek glory, fortune, and resources without spending a dollar.

Limited Time Offer: Act Fast!

Don’t miss out on claiming your free copy of Hammerting on GOG. You have 72 hours, starting today until April 1 at 6 am PT.

To claim this $24.99 game for free, visit this GOG page.

Locate the banner advertising the giveaway and hit the “Add to Library” button.

Use your existing GOG account credentials to log in, or create a new one. Incorporate the game into your GOG library by acquiring it.

Get the GOG Galaxy app and install it. After you open the app and log in, find the game in the “Games” area and download it.

About Hammerting

With role-playing game (RPG) features, this is a vertical mining colony sim featuring dwarves. Warpzone Studios created it, and Team 17 Digital published it in October 2020.

You won’t find a game like Hammerting—a one-of-a-kind combination of vertical mining, colony simulation, and role-playing game—anywhere else.

Managing a massive mining enterprise is your job as the head of a vibrant dwarven clan. Make legendary weapons, delve for riches and fame, and confront the evils that lurk in the dark.

Game Overview:

Hammerting is essentially a simulation game where players are tasked with managing a thriving underground community. It’s up to you to organize your dwarfs’ work schedules, give them specific duties, and supply them with everything they need to succeed.

To enhance efficiency and productivity in every aspect, it is crucial to optimize your dwarf’s daily routine. This optimization can benefit tasks, such as mining rare metals, as well as the creation of weapons and armor.

Don’t think that running a successful dwarf colony is as easy as telling them what to do and watching the gold come in, though. Not at all! Because the game takes place in a realistic simulation, your choices might have far-reaching effects.

For instance, while letting your dwarves work themselves to death may boost output temporarily, it could cause burnout, injuries, or both. Similarly, if you don’t keep your dwarves well-nourished, they could be left defenseless.

Combat System:

Aside from attacks, the fighting system is one of the most interesting aspects of Hammerting. While other simulation games let you manage resources and create bases, this game lets you fight exciting fights against monsters like goblins, trolls, and dragons.

Before heading into battle, you should carefully examine your strategy, as each enemy type has its unique set of advantages and disadvantages. When faced with a formidable foe, do you dispatch a band of dwarves armed to the teeth or attempt to outwit them by setting up ambushes and traps? Make your own decision!

Community Interaction:

Engaging with the community is crucial in this game. Visitors from neighbouring regions will show up as your dwarf colony grows, bringing with them quests, things to trade, and news to share.

You can earn awards, and access new technologies, and rare resources by completing quests and befriending people. But watch out for people who are out to take advantage of you or who aren’t trustworthy. Amidst these social intricacies, protect your colony.

Customization Options:
Put your spin on everything from tunnels to weaponry. Want to make a group of sneaky, quick dwarves who are good at hit-and-run? Just do it! Or maybe you’d rather take a defensive stance, complete with high ballistae and impregnable fortifications to ward off any potential attackers. Hammerting offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences.


Those who enjoy management and city-building games will find Hammerting to be an immersive and enjoyable experience. This game will keep you entertained for hours with its interesting gameplay and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Plus, this dwarven adventure is currently available on GOG for free for a limited period.

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