Halo Reach Free LIVE Weekend

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Although a month back we saw that Halo Reach Leaked and was available on Bittorrent sites. But today Microsoft officially released the Halo Reach Game. ‘ Halo: Reach’  the sequel of Halo: Combat Evolved is exclusive to Xbox 360.

Actually users with Xbox LIVE Gold subscription are only allowed to play the Halo: Reach game online. But to celebrate (?) the release of “Halo: Reach”, Microsoft is allowing access to multi-player gaming even if they have Xbox LIVE Silver subscription. Microsoft said that from 17-19 September, everyone can enjoy online multi-player modes as they will be unlocking all the benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold for Xbox Silver subscribers.


So make sure you’re signed in to Xbox LIVE from 17-19 September to enjoy all the benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold with Halo: Reach, free of charge across the whole weekend.For anyone newly considering Xbox LIVE membership, all you need to get started is access to a broadband connection. Just follow the on-screen instructions from the Xbox 360 dashboard menu under ‘Join Xbox LIVE’. If you’re keen on upgrading to Xbox LIVE Gold already, grab a Halo: Reach branded Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership + 2 Bonus Months membership card, available for a limited time only.