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Gymglish Premium offers language lessons via e-mail (mobile and desktop), with unique and entertaining content.

This Paris-based company develops language learning content for global audiences. Along with English lessons, they offer adult French, German, and Spanish classes, as well as two types of English classes—one for beginners and another that teaches the language through current affairs.

For a limited time period, you can get the Gymglish Premium free for 6 weeks, thanks to

Today this German webpage is offering this freebie as part of their Advents Kalender-2022 giveaways. The giveaway will be available only for today or 24 hours.

Heise gives you 6 weeks of short, entertaining, and personalized premium language courses from Gymglish.

Learn four languages: ​​English, Spanish, French, and German in an entertaining and playful way.

In addition to vocabulary and grammar, you will also learn about the culture. All language courses offer a mix of cultural references, distinct personalities, accents and dialects, scenes from private and professional life, and much more. There is a new lesson every day, simply by email or app.

Fun learning
Thanks to the dynamic structure (via email or push notification, short lessons, different storylines, etc.) you will stay motivated to work on your lessons regularly.

Gymglish Premium -Free for 6 Weeks
Giveaway Features:

  • One lesson a day – easily by email or app.
  • Microlearning – 10 minutes a day is enough to improve your language skills.
  • One story – Humorous prepared content on business topics.
  • Adaptive learning – A course tailored to you and an individual query rhythm.

Get Gymglish Premium for Free:

Visit this giveaway page.

Choose your language, and click the “6 Weeks Free” button.

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