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The Guild 2 Renaissance PC Game Free forever [RPG]

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After some gap GameSessions once again giving away PC game for free, this time it is The Guild 2 Renaissance, the standalone add-on for the popular Guild 2 series.

On Steam Store this mixed genre game (Simulation & Strategy) has received 79% positive reviews from more than 1800 user reviews.

The Guild 2 builds itself as an RPG but its actually much more than that. In this game, you build a dynasty throughout the ages so you will start off with a single person either male or female.

It’s up to you to build a family dynasty that takes over the other family dynasties competing against you. So it’s as much it’s much more than your average RPG that’s set in medieval time.

The game is a shop management building sort of game. You’re making products in your store and then you take them to the market, you sell them.

You buy more resources for your store to bring it back to the store to make more products. You continue like that while trying to level up your character and create a family or dynasty.

When you build a bigger dynasty, you try to wipe out your competitor’s stores by murdering them.

You got heaps of buildings in this game you can be one of four classes: Patron, Scholar, Craftsman & Rogue.

You have cool guilds which are like groups of people who give missions and you can do missions and get heaps of gold.

The Guild 2 Renaissance is a combination life simulator and economic strategy game that is set in Europe, beginning in the year 1400.

In the 14th Century, the world order is beginning to transform itself. Due to trade and commerce, an increasing middle class obtains more and more power and wealth. Entire towns purchase their freedom and more privileges from the nobility. Reading and writing is no longer the domain of the nobility and the clergy and the invention of printing information may eventually be spread everywhere. This is the beginning of the Renaissance…

Get Guild 2 Renaissance PC Game for Free

Go to GameSession and create an account (or login with Facebook).

Visit this game and hit the ‘Download Free Game’ button to download the installer which is around 6 MB.

Launch the online installer and download required files to run the game. Once you finished downloading the required files.

Run GameSessions launcher and log in to your account.

Play the game for 5 minutes, you will notice a big banner in the game that Promo activation successful.

That’s it, the game is yours to keep forever unless you uninstall GameSessions desktop client.

Guild 2 Renaissance promo

The only downside of this freebie:

Whenever you wish to play the game, you need to login to your account and watch a promotional video (you can skip).

But its still a freebie and you cant whine about it