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Gravity Den: A Gravity-Defying Puzzle Game Now Free

Gravity Den Game Box Shot

Tired of the same old games collecting virtual dust on your shelf? Break free from boredom and claim this out-of-this-world puzzle adventure game without spending a dime. Indiegala is currently offering the Gravity Den PC game for 100% off its regular $4.99 price.

Gravity Den is a gravity-defying puzzle game where you must guide a ball through a series of obstacles to the exit. The game is simple to learn but difficult to master, and it will test your skills in problem-solving and spatial reasoning.

The Story

Gravity Den follows the story of Den, a one-eyed alien who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet. On this planet, Den can control the surrounding gravity, allowing him to walk into space. He can also change the gravity on the ground, which comes in handy as he tries to reach his lost ship.

Gravity Den

The Gameplay

As a 2D platformer, this Indie game offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience. Players must navigate through various levels, using their gravity-manipulating abilities to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. The game is challenging but rewarding, offering hours of entertainment.

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Relaxing Yet Engrossing Puzzles

With a calming ambient soundtrack and minimalist visuals, the game provides the perfect distraction from stress. But don’t let the peaceful vibe fool you.

Puzzles ramp up in difficulty till your brain feels like spaghetti. Work through roadblocks methodically or get frustrated easily. It’s up to you! Either way, you’ll want to keep playing just one more level.

How to Get the Gravity Den Game for Free:

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Gravity Den is a tough yet rewarding puzzle game designed to put your skills to the test. Don’t Miss this Indie Gem.

Head to Indiegala today before this freebie flies away. Escape to a world of unique gravity-bending challenges without spending a dime. Your boredom will thank you!

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