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GPT Tools Pro Free License: AI Text Writing Assistant for Windows

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GPT Tools is a free software that harnesses artificial intelligence to help you write faster and better. It’s designed to help Windows users improve their writing skills and increase productivity.
This tool is great for anyone, whether you’re a student, a writer, or someone who wants some help with their writing.

Overview of GPT Tools:

This free, built-in Windows AI writing helper uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 language model to make smart suggestions, grammar fixes, and innovative content ideas.

You can write and edit your content directly in the app’s window. Whether you are using Microsoft Word, Excel, messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, email clients, or web browsers, GPT Tools can assist you.

It works seamlessly with any Windows application that allows text input. This includes online content accessed through a web browser. The software can translate text into 20 of the most widely used languages, as recognized by ChatGPT.

GPT Tools menu

How to Use GPT Tools

  • The first step is to get the program from the ( and install it on your Windows device.
  • If you need to edit, translate, or proofread the selected text, press “Ctrl+Right Mouse” to open the program’s menu.
  • For example, to proofread text written in WordPad, select the text, press CTRL while clicking the right mouse button, and then select “Proofread the text as” from the resulting menu.
  • To launch the GPT Tools menu, just press CRTL and click the right mouse button anywhere on the Windows screen.

Key Features:


  1. Seamless Integration with Windows Applications:

The tool easily works with any application that allows text input, like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or even Notepad. This ensures an effortless experience using the tool in your preferred environment, while still maintaining the quality of your work.

  1. Grammar and Spelling Corrections: The tool allows you to spellcheck and correct any grammatical errors in the text within any program that doesn’t support spell-checking. With GPT Tools, you can spellcheck any of the 76 languages supported by ChatGPT.

  2. Translation: Regardless of whether you are in a chat or writing a document, you may have your text instantly translated without leaving the app. There are currently 20 language options available in the app thanks to ChatGPT.

  3. Proofread: Write your text to the best of your ability, and the tool will enhance it to match the fluency of a native speaker. Use the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT, which has mastered an impressive 76 languages.

  4. Instant answers: Simply type your question anywhere, and GPT Tools will provide the answer from ChatGPT.

GPT Tools Chat Window


Windows Writing Companion: Your virtual writing partner for proofreading, translating, and providing instant answers directly from your notepad.

Improve the quality of your content: Improve your writing’s overall quality by fixing its grammar and spelling errors.

Save time while improving your content’s quality: Help you save time while increasing your content’s quality.


Accuracy: Artificial intelligence (AI) generated text can sometimes be inaccurate or misleading.

Originality: The content generated by AI may lack the human touch and appear generic.

Developmental Limitations:

Since this tool is still being developed, it has some limitations.


To summarize, GPT Tools is an outstanding AI-driven text-writing assistant for Windows that is user-friendly, free, and can make the writing process more enjoyable and manageable.

Get GPT Tools Pro version:

Download the GPT Tools free version from

After installing the software, you can activate the Pro version by right-clicking the app icon in the Windows taskbar jump list.

Click “Activation” and in the popup window, enter the below license code and click “Activate”.