Google's secret OS?

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The latest data traffic on the Internet has brought to light an interesting fact: a small percentage of users with IPs of the company have a Google operating system “unknown”. And that suggests, of course, a potential development of Google OS, the operating system that has been discussed for years and that theoretically would indicate that the Internet giant is developing its own alternative in this field.

Net Applications uses software sensors to check on a monthly basis about the share of both Internet browsers and operating systems that use the Internet to access the network of networks. Among other things, we used to know the recent achievement of  Mozilla Foundation, which already has more than 20% market share of browsers, thanks to Firefox.


It is curious that Net Applications noticed something unusual with stats from, which would represent that one-third of employees of Google were using an operating system unknown, something strange bearing in mind that the Net Applications sensors are capable of detecting all major operating systems (and some of the less important ) Used worldwide, including various versions of Linux or Unix.In fact Windows 7 also is detected by these sensors. However, this third part of Google employees are using an operating system unknown.


“We have never seen an operating system that is not associated with a ‘user agent’ previously,” commented Vince Vizzaccaro, director of Net Applications. “I think you have to have something rare for that to happen, for example, is something that we have not seen that happen with proxy servers. All I can say is that there are good people at a percentage of Google surfing the web with its operating system hidden. ”

Does this mean that Google has a secret OS that it is trying to hide?

“I think they could be working on an application infrastructure, because an operating system really connotes the stuff that makes the hardware and software talk to each other, and they are not in that business,” said Clay Ryder, president of The Sageza Group.

“But as an infrastructure for building network apps, I would think Google would be working on something like that,” he continued. “They’ve been rolling out more and more freebie apps and I would think they would eventually want to make some money the old fashioned way. It would make a lot of sense that they would want to have a network app infrastructure that they could roll out most anywhere.”

That has yielded a conclusion: Google could be developing its hypothetical Google OS, the operating system company that has been talked about for a long time and again and again Google has denied that existed. That would explain that Net Applications will not be able to track, and it would also be logical given that the Internet giant is gradually penetrating the world of desktop applications and the web apps, the OS that Google could be a catalyst further exploit the concept of Cloud Computing.

What do you think? Is Google going to surprise the world and introduce their own operating system to compete head on with Microsoft?