Google has built a voice search feature into its free iPhone application, allowing users to query its search engine by simply speaking a few words. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t managed to gain traction with either of its previous forays into voice-input search.

The concept for voice input for search on the iPhone is a relatively simple one. Users simply push a button and tell Google what to search for. Then a window opens up to display the search results and everyone cheers.

Many people would be surprised to learn that this isn’t a new feature for Google at all. In fact, Google engineers have been toiling away on voice-input on a search engine for at least six years now. The company has released a few other products with voice input with little success.

The origins of this concept lie within a 2002 Google Labs release called simple Google Voice Search. You could call a number with a 650 area code to reach a voice-bot that asks you to, “Say your search keywords.” Then you would click on a link on the page to see your results.

This was a Google Labs product that never quite graduated. You would actually have to already be on a Google web page to use the product, which then took about three seconds to display your results. Compare that with the fraction of seconds that most queries on Google take and the Voice Search product starts to sound completely unusable.

At last, Google launched a new version of its application for the iPhone, as a striking feature that brings search by voice.

It works like this:

  • Open the Google Mobile App in your iphone and turn your iphone towards your face as if you are going talk,then Google Mobile App recognizes the movement and turns listener mode.
  • For example just say “something like 45 to Celius º Fahrenheit,” or a typical search. Immediately, the voice command is uploaded to Google, and the application refreshes with results.

It works quite well, for most search terms.With the Google voice enabled search (Google Mobile App) you can speak your queries without even pushing a single button.

Additionally the new iPhone Google Search App version also brings Search with My Location. With that feature you can just search for business, weather, and movie information without specifying where you area(city).

It is available for download now on the iTunes App store. Simply click the “Get App” button on this page (within iTunes) and you’ll be able to get it (even if you have the previous version installed)