Google Voice for iPhone approved

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Finally after 14 months, an FCC investigation and rleaxing ofapp development tools rules, made Google Voice apps GV Mobile + and GV Connect to get approved by Apple and reappear in the App Store.

Actually the VoiceCentral and GV Mobile were intially approved by Apple but later they were baned for competing too closely with features on the iPhone.

The Google Voice app’s enables free phone calls within the United States and cheap international calls .Also they offer free voicemail transcriptions, the ability to listen to voicemail messages live, and several other management tools that will make call management easier.


The currently approved apps GV Mobile & GV Connect has same Features and both are priced at $2.99, but they are unofficial Google Voice apps. However this shows that official (free) Google’s own Voice app will be approved by Apple by this year

So get GV Mobile+ & GV Connect at app store, it seems “GV Mobile +” will be free for one night, we will inform you when it will be available for free.