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Google TV !

According to NYTimes & WSJ report, Google has teamed up with Intel, Sony and Logitech for a project to develop a platform, which is currently called as Google TV, which brings the Web to TV sets and set-top boxes.

The New York Times reports indicate that Google intends to build set-top boxes using the Android software, which means that  it will bring  Games, web apps, services like Twitter, Google search (ads) and sites like YouTube on your TV screen.Also it will have Google’s Chrome browser and supports other software.

It seems Google TV will be an open source platform, for now, Google has built a prototype set-top box, Logitech will provide keyboard equipped remote control similar to new Boxee remote. and Intel will contribute Atom processors for the devices while Sony designs the hardware.

So you cannot escape from Google eye, even in your Living Room. What do you say?

[via NYTimes ]

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