Google Takeout : Backup your Google data

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Google Takeout is a new backup service from Google that allows users to download or backup their data in Google services like Picasa e.t.c. There is no doubt that every one this web world  whether directly or indirectly will be using the  Google services. The internet giant has spread all over the web from Gmail to Google Music every one are roped in to the Google web.

Generally Google provides 7+ GB of free storage that is shared between all Google services, what ever your data will be stored in Google servers and to use this data you should be online. what if you want to take backup of this data, for this reason Google takeout is launched which makes easier for Google users to export data or import it out of Google products.

Also While writing this post I remembered a recent bizarre situation  of  Disappearing Gmail messages, in such situation this new service will be helpful. Although currently Google takeout will not cover Gmail, but this is a start and we can except more Google products as time goes on.

For now Google Takeout supports services like Google Buzz, Picasa, Google Contacts,your Google Profile, and the Latest Google+.

Using the service is very simple and straightforward, you have options to export all the data at once or just choose from few services. For few seconds Google will calculate the number of files in the package and provides the size of data.Finally you will see a download button, download the zip file and open it in open portable formats.

So visit and backup your data. For security measure, Google will ask that you enter your password even if you’re already signed into your account.

Checkout video of The Data Liberation Front Announcement of Google Takeout:


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