May be above Title looks crazy, but it’s true several blogs in the  blogosphere are affected  as Google stopped indexing New posts from several sites and blogs. Actually In my leisure time while I was checking  tweets from fellow bloggers I came to know about this issue and checked Techno360 cache page in Google and found that , all posts after OCT 19 onwards are not indexed. It means for past 4 days Google is not indexing any posts from Techno360.

It seems the problem is not limited to particular sites or blogs, Amit Bhawani reports that blogosphere biggies like Mashable, techcrunch are facing this issue.

Currently a thread has been created in Webmaster central support Forum , several bloggers are reporting this issue and a Google Employee John Mueller responded to the thread and said that Google team is working on this issue.

Hope this issue will be resolved very soon 🙂