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Google Similar Images : search for similar images

After some time, Google has released yesterday a new feature called Google Similar Images, which gives us the ability to search for images similar to the one we have initially selected in a Google search for images.

This is a new experimental product from Google Labs to extend their image searching capabilities.The results are good for clearly defined objects like computer, a television ,car or images which are popular like Taj mahal . But if we try to find pictures for sports, like soccer or tennis, the results can be very different.

To test yourself you can go to the site,Similar Images appears as a link below the thumbnails that pop up when you perform an Image Search. Clicking on the link helps narrow the results to visually similar pictures.

This helps users to find the images that they are looking for, and rather than refining the search by using additional words to identify different pictures, you can request to be shown visually similar images to the original result.

This just goes to show that Google will continue to innovate despite the economic downturn and is still looking for ways to improve and refine it’s service further.

Link: Google Similar Images


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