Google Play Store and Maps updated

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Google today pushed an update to the new  Play store, the re-branded Android market.The Google Play store version 3.4.7 is intended to fix some of the dead links that OEM skins were experiencing after transition from market to Google play.

Particularly  Motorola users  after upgrading to Google Play may have noticed the market link in Blur’s app drawer no longer works. More specific  Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX phones app drawer market link was unusable, as Motorola’s Blur interface is searching for the old Android Market app.

Google Maps 6.4.0:

Also Google released a minor update to Google Maps, the new version 6.4.0 brings simple navigation menus for Google Maps Navigation.The vertical menu was has replaced with a grid-based one, the changes in UI will make the app a little faster to use, particularly when  trying to make adjustment to a route when you are driving.