Download Google Play Music Manager

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The Google Play Music Manager is a desktop application from Google, which allows you to upload your music to the cloud and download your entire library from the cloud to your computer.

Once you’ve uploaded songs to Google Play, you can listen to your music anywhere that you have internet access.User can add up to 20,000 songs to Google Play and can stream the songs on their Android devices and desktop systems. The music manger supports mp3,aac, wma,FLAC and ogg file formats.

Google Play Music Manager

The new music matching feature announced by Google is similar to iTunes Match or Amazon cloud Match, but Google’s matching service does not have a subscription fee and available for free.According to Google, the scanned and matched music will be streamed back at 320 kbps.

Although Apple and Amazon charge users $25 a year for their service, but the key difference between these and Google service is that Google will enable music streaming of those songs to Android devices or web browsers , where as Apple’s version is not exactly streaming; it’s download and play.

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From the Google Play Music Manager, you can:

  • Upload music from your iTunes library, Windows Media Player library, My Music folder, or folders of your choosing to Google Play
  • Choose to upload songs automatically or completely manually
  • Adjust the bandwidth available for uploading songs
  • View the progress of songs you’re uploading
  • Download any of the songs that you previously uploaded to your music library, as well as any song you purchased from the Google Play store


You can Download and install the Google Play Music Manager at