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Google Music Downloader is a Firefox extension or add-on for downloading Google Music. This year May Google announced the launch of Google Music (Called Music Beta by Google), the new cloud music service that aims to make all your music available everywhere you go. You can upload up to 20,000 songs, and play them back in any desktop web browser as well as on Android smartphones.

Google music service will allow users to upload their music library to a personal online storage locker, from where they can stream and download files from Internet connected devices.

For now the service is available on a limited, invite-only basis limited to U.S. users. Those wanting to use the service will have to request an invite at

I think I had said enough Music Beta by Google, now here is addon called Google Music Downloader designed to enable you to download songs from Google Music. With Google Music Downloader, you will be able to download songs just by right-clicking them. Not you can download songs that you have uploaded, but also this extension allows you download the free songs on Google Music.

The addon now works only on Firefox 6 or stable version of Firefox and not compatible with latest Firefox 7 beta. Also installing extension doesn’t requires restarting of Firefox browser .

Using Google Music Downloader is simple, right click on song that is currently playing and select “Click to download song now” option. Also the extension will let know you the new free songs available for download.

Features of Google Music Downloader :

  1. Live monitoring
  2. Right Click Download.
  3. Widget – Enable/Disable Add-on

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