Google Earth on iPhone

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Google has introduced a new iteration of Google Earth, this time to run as an mapping application on the Apple iPhone.
Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available for free in 18 languages and 22 countries through the iTunes App Store, Google said in a posting on the official blog of the Mountain View, California-based company.

“With just a swipe of your finger you can fly from Peoria to Paris to Papua New Guinea, or anywhere in between,” the posting said.

“It may be small, but it brings all the power of Google Earth to the palm of your hand, including all of the same global imagery and 3D terrain,” it added.

Just by touching the screen, a user can move from point to point around the world, zooming in or out by pinching the screen and tilting the device to get a 3D view of mountainous terrain.

The “My Location” feature instantly shows a user’s real world location while Google Local Search helps locate nearby places, businesses and landmarks.

More than eight million photos pictures of landmarks and scenery are integrated into the phone allowing users to take a “virtual tour” of the world.

Some of its features of Google’s Earth on iphone are:

  • Tilt your iPhone to adjust your view to see mountainous terrain
  • View the Panoramio layer and browse the millions of geo-located photos from around the world
  • View geo-located Wikipedia articles
  • Use the ‘Location’ feature to fly to your current location
  • Search for cities, places and business around the globe with Google Local Search

The Google Earth application also includes links to Wikipedia articles.