Google Duo Vs Apple FaceTime - Comparison

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Smartphones have really changed our way of connecting with our dear ones i.e normal voice calls and messaging. For a long time now, customers are using video calling for contacting  people sitting in different countries or cities.


For that matter it has also changed our way of chatting with friends. For that matter in the old school days we use to think before messaging or calling anybody as it would eat up our entire balance. But now you can contact people for free through your smartphones.


Video calling has become one of the most interesting technique to talk to your loved ones. There are quite a few interesting applications in the virtual world for talking to our friends for free. I am sure you have heard about Skype, Google Hangout, Tango, Google Duo, FaceTime and many more such applications.


Today we are here to compare two of the best video calling applications for Android and iOS devices –  Apple’s FaceTime and Google Duo. Let’s see which suits you the best!



Apple’s FaceTime


Apple’s FaceTime was launched in 2010 competing with Microsoft’s Skype video calling application.  FaceTime now is a pre – installed application in all Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac.


It is the biggest competition for most of the other video applications. Let’s understand the app better and review its features:-

1.FaceTime provides you with High definition video quality and smooth user interface.

2. Apple users can receive faceTime call on any of their iOS devices be it Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can connect your FaceTime account with all your devices.

3. FaceTime gives you an option to even receive the calls when you are offline. This makes you work easier and quite interesting.

4. With picture in picture view, you can adjust yourself on the screen. A small window on the screen allows you to see yourself for a better video calling experience.

5. It is totally safe and sound for Apple users, no data can be saved or used by an external network or user.
6. Availability: iOS only
7. Price: Free


Google Duo


Google duo is a recent release in the digital market. It is definitely ready to compete with most of the other video calling applications. You can totally count on its features and simple understandable user interface.

google duo

You don’t have to worry about your internet allowance or registration process. Google Duo easily handle that for you. Let’ review its features for a better understanding:-


  1. Get close to your loved ones with high quality video and in sync audio.

2. The application works perfectly well on Android as well as iOS devices.

3. Knock knock features allows you to preview your caller before even answering the call.

4. You can change your Network from Cellular to WiFi, it does not disturb your calling. For that matter it adjusts according to the internet connection.

5. Duo allows you to skip that silly registration process. You just have to register your mobile number and a verification code and you are done.

6. Contact friends over other platforms too unlike FaceTime which is restricted to iOS devices.

7. The application is encrypted therefore, you don’t need to worry about your personal data and video calls. It is 100% safe with Duo.

8. Availability: iOS & Android

9.Price: Free


Wrap up


Both the applications are quite amazing to use but if you have to choose one for your smartphone then definitely a difficult decision to make. If I were to make a choice then definitely it would be Google Duo due to its awesome features and 100% safety measures. You can see which one suits you the best!