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Google Cloud Platform Free for 12 Months

Google Cloud Platform free trail has extended from 60 days to 12 months and offering USD $300 credits to spend on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) over next 12 months.

The GCP free tier provides everything you need to build and run your apps, websites, and services, including firebase and the Google Maps API.

The GCP free offer  is spliced  into two parts:

To  signup for Google Cloud Platform Free Tier  offer, head on to

For this, you need to provide a valid credit card for verification purpose to make sure you are not a robot and you won’t be charged during or after your free trial ends.

I tried the free trail and I was charged USD $1 by google services and was reversed in 15 minutes, maybe this is the way they verify your credit card.

About Google Cloud Platform:

The GCP  is an app-development program offered through Google’s cloud, it competes with leading cloud platforms Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offers similar services.

In 2008 Google App Engine was started and grown into one of the leading cloud computing platforms.The platform contains a range of hosted services for application development, storage and compute, that run on Google hardware.

The GCP services can be utilized by IT professionals, cloud administrators, software developers and other enterprises.

The free tier allows users to learn and use its service for free. The 12-month, $300 free trial allows you to use any GCP product and Always Free allows you to try participating products for free up to their usage limits.

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