Google Chrome puts Flash in a sandbox to keep you safer:

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With latest  Google Chrome Stable update(v21), the Chrome team took a major step forward in security by bringing an even deeper level of sandbox protection to Adobe Flash Player on Windows.Although flash on your browser allows you to watch videos, play games, or check email without installing other software , but this may pose a security risk to your computer as hackers or malware are trying to exploit your browser with the loop holes in the flash player.

To avert latest bugs in  flash,Chrome already includes a built-in, automatically updated version of Flash.Now the latest  stable version of Google chrome (v 21.0.1180.60)  will bring the security of the browser to next extent, the new  flash sandbox feature will defend against pages that try to install malware or steal information without your knowledge.

Since 2010, the Google chrome team has been working with Adobe to sandbox the Flash Player plug-in to protect users against common malware. Now, thanks to a new plug-in architecture, Flash on Windows is inside a sandbox that’s as strong as Chrome’s native sandbox, and dramatically more robust than anything else available. And for the first time, Windows XP users have a sandboxed Flash, making them much safer online.

Chrome OS has had this deeper Flash sandboxing from the beginning, Linux has had it since Chrome’s last stable release, and Mac support is on the way. Ultimately, this means a safer experience for you as you browse the web.From this we can notice Google  takes the security of Chrome extremely seriously.

In addition to the security benefits, the architecture has also brought performance improvements by way of a 20 percent decrease in Flash crashes and GPU acceleration for smoother scrolling and faster Flash rendering.For those not using Microsoft’s OS, a similar update is in the works for Macs, while Linux and Chrome OS users are already using the new system.

Download :Google Chrome 21.0.1180.60 Stable