Google Chrome is no longer beta

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Google chrome stable
After just 100 days of launching and 10 million downloads ,Google decided to remove the “Beta” from the name of Chrome, believing that it is stable and fast enough to compete with the rest.
It turns out that computer manufacturers are reluctant to include beta programs pre-installed, then Google had no other option but to catalog it as a stable, finally.

This new version will be pushed to the majority of users between today and tomorrow, but if you want it now, they will have to download it from the homepage.

Among other things, the new version brings:

  • Finally, stability comes to play video and audio from Chrome
  • It is 1.5X faster than the original version
  • Improvements in the handling of bookmarks

Three most interesting features:

  • Search from the Address bar: it is not necessary to have another text box to search Google. . Typing in the address bar, Chrome will give us their suggestions, and will see the search results.
  • Thumbnails of the most visited pages: to open a new tab will show thumbnails of the pages you visit most. Clicking on any of them can access quickly and without further steps
  • Private Browsing: incorporates incognito mode, useful for when you do not want to save the history of navigation.

Popularity of Chrome:

Since it’s departure, Chrome has been quite popular. According our review it stands as a third most popular browser.
Of course there may be differences, but the use of Chrome has remained constant since his departure, beating out Safari and Opera.

Personally, every time when I’m in a Windows PC, usually I use Chrome as the default browser, but I can not deny effect of firefox for it’s extensions.
Hopefully, now it is no longer in Beta and the team will concentrate on adding the possibility of extensions, and of course to get longer version for Linux and Mac!

Link: Download Google Chrome