Google Chrome gets Built-in Antivirus

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Google Chrome browser now arrives with a built-in antivirus for Windows systems that will scan for potentially harmful software.

The search giant calls this feature in the browser as Chrome Cleanup.

According to google, Chrome Cleanup tool has been redesigned with new interface and upgraded its technology to detect and remove malicious software.

Chrome Cleanup is now combined with ESET detection engine and Chrome sandbox technology.

Every day, Google Chrome will scan or lookup your system for potentially dangerous software and when it detects any harmful software, it warns you to remove the software without providing further details

Google has tied up with Security firm ESET to use it antivirus engine for Chrome Cleanup tool, it seems the Scanning Speed will be fast and has very less impact on performance of your system.

This isn’t a general-purpose antivirus, the Chrome Cleanup tool will only look up in certain critical areas of Windows OS and removes unwanted software that are considered harmful by Google.

I think this feature in Chrome browser will be helpful for users with less knowledge about malicious software and for now this new feature will be available only for Google Chrome Windows users.

Note : It  seems the feature will be rolled out to Windows users gradually.

Source: Google