Google Chrome 51 Stable Released

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Google Chrome 51 stable version has been released with over 42 bug fixes, few improvements and new features, so hit the ‘About’ button and update your browser to latest version.

The new version Chrome 51.0.2704.63 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms .Similar to previous updates, this version of chrome patches several security vulnerabilities discovered by researchers in the Chrome 51 development cycle.

Google Chrome 51

Apart from the patches, the new version of the browser brings few new features such as  power consumption reduction, built-in password manger enhancement with a new api and other under hood improvements to improve the performance of the browser.

Reducing overhead of off-screen rendering,  the new version of the browser promises up to 30% power consumption reduction when you browser websites with embedded streams and  social widgets.

Another notable feature  is implementation of ‘Credential Management‘ API, according to chrome developer notes this new api will enhance the  chrome’s built-in password manger and allows chrome users to login to websites very easily

The new API allows websites to interact with password manger of chrome and provides access to federated account services such as ‘Google Smart Lock‘, thus with a single tap users can sign in to websites very easily.

Coming back bug fixes, the release log states that the Chrome 51 arrives with almost 42 bug fixes and you reach  Chrome release log to know about the security fixes, where you can  notice  bug fixes by external researchers are highlighted.

For now the Chrome 51 is only available for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms, but Android & Chrome OS users has to wait for some time to get the new version.


Update to  Google Chrome 51.0.2704.63:

As the new version fixes bugs & enhances users experience, we advise chrome users to update their browsers as soon as possible.

If you are new to chrome, for updating the browser click the ‘Menu’  Menu  icon located on the ‘top right’ , then  hover your mouse on ‘help’ and click ‘About Google Chrome’.

If there is an update, it will automatically downlad the update and suggests you to relaunch the browser.So, to apply the update restart your browser.

Download the latest version of Chrome Stable release @