Google Chrome 25 stable version Released

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Google today released an upgrade for stable version of chrome browser, the stable release Chrome 25.0.1364.97 is a now available for Windows,Mac and Linux.

google chrome 25
The major feature that you may notice in the new stable version is silent installation of extensions is now disabled by default,  Google blocked this feature to prevent third parties from installing extension without user knowledge or consent. Also with this update, the extensions which are installed by abusing silent installation method and without acknowledgment from user will be disabled by default. Users has to acknowledge them to re-enable the disable addons or extensions.
Another major feature in this update include support for speech recognition through JavaScript Web Speech API. So now, you can speak to your browser, try this new feature at Google’s speech demo page. If you have a microphone on your system, then go ahead and compose an email from within the web browser with your  voice. For now the voice recognition supports only few languages.

voice control google chrome

Other features include: security fixes,update include better support for HTML5 time/date inputs,better WebGL error handling and fixes to some critical bugs include : memory corruption with web audio node , Bad memory access with excessive SVG parameters,integer overflow in Opus handling has been fixed.You can find the complete list of bug fixes and changes in version 25.0.1364.97 over here.


Download : Google chrome 25