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Google Browser Chrome Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the tips related to new Google browserChrome which are of great interest.

1.Checking History:In Chrome’s interface the search history has been integrated into the back button – just hold down the mouse button when you’re clicking on the back arrow. After a short delay, a menu pops up showing your recently visited pages. At the end of menu there is option for show history.

2.Perform simple calculations and unit conversions using Google Calculator :Simply type the expression in Google Chrome’s address bar (or “omnibox”). To copy the answer, select the suggestion.

3. Increase Text Area: If you need more space in a text area, resize it by dragging the lower right corner.

4. Detach a tab and open it in a new window – just drag the tab outside the active window. You can also add it back to the original window using drag and drop.

5. Download and Drag :After downloading a file, you can copy it to the desktop or to any other folder by using drag and drop directly from Google Chrome.

6. Adding any site to search engine list:If the search engine of a site supports Open Search, you can add it to Google Chrome’s search box by simply visiting the site and performing a search. The domain name automatically becomes a keyword and you should only type the first letters from the URL until you see “press Tab to search”. Then press Tab and type your query.


You can also manually add search engines, by right-clicking on the address bar and selecting “Edit search engines”. Here’s one example, where you can see that you need to find the URL for the search results page and replace the query with %s:

Name – Wikipedia
Keyword – wiki (that’s what you need to type in the address bar)

You can also use the keywords for other kinds of services: for translating web pages, for bookmarking pages online or simply as aliases for web pages (omit “%s” from the URL).

Name – Google Translate (English)
Keyword – trans

7.Google Chrome Easter Eggs :
Try entering these addresses into Chrome:

about:shorthang (careful it emulates the crash)



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