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Enable Preview Pane in Gmail

Google introduced another new feature called “preview pane” to Gmail, this new feature allows Gmail users to view emails in a side panel, just like view mails from Gmail on a tablet device like iPad.

In short the new feature “preview pane” allows users to quickly scan messages without opening them, this saves our time as we have to go back to the inbox every time we want to read a new message.

“When I check my email, I often rely on the message snippets to figure out which messages to open first,” says Gmail Associate Product Manager Maciek Nowakowski. “Sometimes, though, I want to see more than snippets, which is why I’m happy to announce that you can now preview messages in your inbox using a new feature in Gmail Labs called Preview Pane.”

How to enable Preview Pane feature in Gmail ?

AS this is an optional feature added to Gmail labs,so you need to manually enable the feature in the labs section, just follow below simple steps.

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