Gmail gets Google Calendar and Docs Gadgets

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Wow, Google is continuing experimenting and incorporating new features into Gmail. The latest has been to add two options that can help you to get in the left sidebar access to upcoming events in your Google Calendar and your recent documents on Google Docs, respectively.

Gmail is becoming more like iGoogle, but here the choices are more limited.Probably little by little we will see how Gmail becomes a true desktop drive from where all our applications and services Google.

To activate the new options just go to Settings –> Labs and enable. In the end you can activate the options we are considering.

Also Gmail Labs added to the possibility of adding a gadget through the url of your XML file, I could not try this because right now I was not going to add any moreto my Gmail. I think it can not give good results because it is something more for developers to “play” and make gadgets for Gmail.


Open Google Calendar in Firefox from any page

GCal Popup is a Firefox extension for Google Calendar users too lazy to open a new tab when they want to enter a new appointment or check their calendar. Once the plugin is installed, you’ll see a little calendar icon in your status bar. Click it and your Google Calendar will pop up, over the top of whatever page you happen to be visiting. Click the close button and it will go away.

If you’re already logged into your Google account you won’t even need to login to Google Calendar when the window pops up.

This is listed as an experimental plugin, which means you’ll need to register for a Mozilla account and login before downloading. But the add-on seems to be stable enough and hasn’t caused my computer to burst into flames. Yet.

Site official | GCal Popup

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