Glamour Filter : Add effects to my photos

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Surely the woman who is shown in the picture is “very nice” but as you see, if we compare the photograph on the right to the left, the right is much more “beautiful”.
We got through the program Glamour Filter.

The truth is that Glamour Filter allows us to grab a photograph and improve it in terms of quality concerns. Of course, it is only a matter of loading the image, and tell him do this job, quickly and without much complication, it will be a few clicks.

Glamour Filter is so simple, just download it (3.4mb) and start doing your work. Load the photo, and we click on “Add Sexy” and now he will do his job once. In addition, we can alter other visual aspects of the photo.

Among the aspects that we can change is saturation, and unfocused, by the way that Glamor Filter is a portable free software that requires no installation, it will be a matter of download and execute it, and we will have this utility for managing images.

Download Glamour Filter

Download Glamour Filter(mirror)