Giveaway 7 Winners

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The Giveaway  7 is closed and below is the list of 10 Lucky winners, once again Thanks to AnyBizSoft for giving us $299 worth Licenses.

Congratulations to all the Lucky  winners and within few  minutes  I will be sending a conformation e-mail to winners, on replying to that email I will send the license code, so respond to that email with in  24 hrs.

Giveaway 7 winners List:

  1. paf
  2. Mike
  3. Romeolab
  4. jonesbr
  5. Murugesan
  6. Doru
  7. Grr
  8. kurtumi
  9. Mark Latimer
  10. cipriansorin

P.S: Our Next Giveaway will be SuperAntispyware Pro.

  1. thanks ramakanth for the chance to win this licence. I am looking forward for your next giveaway

  2. Hi – I have eagerly have been awaiting the result of this give-away (which I entered the draw for) and I am very disappointed not to win. Ramakanth, if Grr and Jonesbr do not want their licenses I could really use one! Please consider this! How were the winners selected?

  3. @Lee:
    I use to generate winners, if above users didn't respond for next 12 hrs, I will give the license code to you. Otherwise I will talk to anybizsoft to fetch a license code for you.

    1. Hi Ramakanth – did you manage to talk to AnyBizSoft about getting another license?;)

  4. Ramakanth thanks so much for that! That is very kind and generous of you! I would really appreciate that! This is one piece of software that would be really useful to me and believe me when I say I have tried all the pdf to word converters out there with mixed results!.

  5. Ramakanth that it very kind and generous of you. A license for this software would be invaluable to me at work.:) Also apologies if I am reply multiple times to your posts but my replies show status as "awaiting moderation" and then do not all seem to appear!^_^