Giveaway 6 winners

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As  announced in the Giveaway 6 article, today I’m  revealing the lucky winners of  our Giveaway 6. Congratulations to all the winners and I will be sending a conformation e-mail to winners, on replying that email I will send the license code, so respond that email with in  24 hrs.

Giveaway 6 winners List:


  1. springname ————–> f-secure IS 2010
  2. Js2001———-> G data IS 2010
  3. swarup————->viper 4.0 antivirus
  4. ZoneAlarm Pro winners:

  5. PasjonatL.Wachholza
  6. Fakira707
  7. Sang
  8. amonzi
  9. acatatease
  10. hoang lan
  11. Sandeep
  12. Taukeh Besar
  13. Kingo
  14. Mohammad drw
  15. fares
  16. patient

Note: Winners should respond the conformation email within 24 hrs

  1. Thank you for the kind offer.

    I was very busy these few days. I apologise for the late response.