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Ghost of a Tale PC Game is Now Available for Free for a Limited Time

Ghost of a Tale Game Giveaway

Ghost of a Tale is an independent action role-playing video game developed primarily by game designer Lionel “Seith” Gallat, a veteran of DreamWorks and Universal Pictures.

This action RPG takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world. You play as Tilo, a mouse minstrel who has to make his way through dangerous dungeons and lands while finding out about the past. He is determined to find his wife Merra and figure out how to get out of prison.

GOG is giving away yet another free game. PC gamers can get “Ghost of a Tale” for free from GOG for a limited time.

This PC game is normally $24.99 on the Steam store but is currently free to download and play thanks to GOG.

If you want it, you better get moving since as of this writing you only have around 57 hours to claim it.

Just go to to get your free copy.

Just scroll down to the middle of the page.

Click “Add to Library” when you see the Giveaway banner.

After you’ve made a GOG account or signed in to an existing one, you can add games to your library.

After you click the button, it will add the game to your GOG library. You can keep it and use it for free for as long as you want.

You’ll be able to play the game once you’ve downloaded and installed the GOG Galaxy gaming client and signed in with your account information.

About Ghost of a Tale:

The game takes place in a medieval world where animals look like people. Many of these animals have their own kingdoms.

Various types of undead creatures are mentioned in the lore, including mice, rats, frogs, crabs, badgers, hawks, spiders, leeches, magpies, and leech-like creatures.

The game takes place hundreds of years after a terrible event called the War of the Green Flame. At this time, an emerald fireball of unknown origin rolled across the globe, consuming all who opposed it and resurrecting their rotting corpses as an ever-growing army of the undead.

The mouse kingdom sent an envoy to the flame at the height of the conflict, hoping to save their home by exposing the weaknesses of others. However, the being could not be reasoned with and destroyed most of their land, anyway.

They permanently removed the mice from power for their betrayal, but the rat army eventually vanquished the beast, becoming the war’s heroes. The exact history of these events has been lost in the mists of time, and the only reliable story is told by a group of magpies called the Truth Sayers. They live in a tower on an old island and tell stories about the past.

At the start of the game, rats have thrown Tilo into a dungeon. He must get out of his prison and the surrounding lands. All of Tilo’s enemies are much stronger than he is, so the brave little mouse will have to be smart, sneaky, and quick to win.

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