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Get PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant for free

PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant provides easiest way  to to upgrade from your old operating system  to Windows 7 or 8 without leaving anything behind.Normally this  software costs $29.95,  but for today only, Laplink is offering $30 worth PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant absolutely free. So Windows XP and Vista users can take advantage of this one day free offer to upgrade to Windows 8 or 7.

PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant provides smooth way to move from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7 or Windows 8.It is designed to overcome the difficulty in upgrading from XP to Windows 7, this application is the ONLY way to automatically restore all selected files, settings, user profiles, and even programs from any version of Windows to Windows 7 or 8! Because most applications are installed ready-to-use, there’s usually no need to find old CDs, previously downloaded programs, serial numbers, or license codes. It is the only way to do an in-place upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8, and it’s the only way to do a “cross-architecture” upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version.

PCmover Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will discontinue all technical support , security updates, and hot-fixes for Windows XP. This means, if you are using XP machine, then your computer be at risk for malware and hackers.Although, some Security software firms has pledged that they will continue support for XP, but it is dangerous thinking to stay on XP. As the security experts at AV Test put it:

“Programmers (will) start to produce special exploits for Windows XP vulnerabilities” and “the best security suites will not be able to repair these weaknesses, which until now have been patched up by the approximately 100 updates released by Microsoft every year.”


It’s better to move from XP to stable & user-friendly OS like Windows 7 before Windows XP end-of-life to stay safe.


Key Features of PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant :

PCmover makes the process of upgrading your operating system simple by using a step-by-step wizard.
2.Complete Selectivity
Keep everything or pick and choose what you want to keep. All selected programs, files, and settings can stay exactly as they were in your old operating system with one easy step.
3. 24/7 Free Transfer Assistance
Having troubles? Call our certified technicians and they’ll walk you through the entire process free of charge! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Undo
Made a mistake? No problem! PCmover’s simple undo feature allows you to try again.

PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant for free:

pc mover windows upgrade assistant


Laplink has started a one day free offer and giving away $30 worth PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant for free on February 4, 2014. To get this freebie, first you need to create an account at Laplink website and head-over to this promotion page, hit the ‘Get MY Free Copy’ button, then follow that website instructions.

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