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In celebration of 32nd anniversary, Laplink Software is giving away $39.95 worth Laplink PCmover Image & Drive Assistant for free, but this giveaway is limited to one day or 24 hours only, which means PCmover Image & Drive Assistant will available for free only on June 18, 2015.
Laplink PCmover Image & Drive Assistant is a simple solution for restoring your PCs data, settings, and applications from the original hard drive, or an image of it, to a new PC.
PCmover Image & Drive Assistant software allows users to restore an old image or hard drive to a new windows system.The application works with all imaging software’s, so that any image can be restored to a PC with a different OS without overwriting anything, including the new OS.


Laplink 32nd anniversary Giveaway:


“It’s our birthday and we’re handing out a great gift,” explained Laplink’s CEO, Thomas Koll. “PCmover Image & Drive Assistant is the only software that can automatically transfer files, settings, and even applications from an old hard drive or image to a new PC without overwriting anything. So even when the old drive has a different operating system than the new PC, there are no problems.”

“This is not imaging or disk-cloning software, it is migration software – except instead of transferring from an old PC, we’re able to transfer from just the hard drive or image. And, by connecting the old hard drive directly to the new PC, users get an extremely fast migration. PCmover won’t delete anything off the old hard drive, and nothing is overwritten on the new PC.”

So, to grab your free copy just visit this promotion page: and click on the link “claim your Free software”, then follow the instructions.

Laplink PCmover Image & Drive Assistant

This giveaway is available for only 24 hours through June 18 (8:30 AM PST). The rest of June, Laplink will have a bundle of software promotions available at for everyone that is ready to upgrade or migrate to Windows 10 when it’s available next month.

This is an old article updated with latest promotion information.



  1. Hey dude, i’m a new yorker now.using another laptop. using chrome and zenmate chrome extension. still 404. weird. thanks anyway

  2. Hey dude, i’m a new yorker now. with another laptop. using chrome and zenmate chrome extension. still 404 weird. thanks anyway

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