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Free things are always fun, isn’t it? What if you get totally free licensed software? You’d thank us for making your day isn’t it? Grab free (paid) applications from Giveaway of the Day daily!
The title might have shocked you a little. The software are not cracked, instead companies offer their work for FREE! There is nothing tricky in this and there are no catches at all!

A gift for you everyday by Givewaway of the Day. You might be in your deepest thoughts wondering how this benefits the company. Well, in layman’s terms, the site pays the company so as to prevent it from facing losses due to software piracy. The software the site offers are there, well and good, fully licensed but just for one single day (Unless the software publisher agrees with that). Users get interested in the software, start using it and at some point of time, they can’t live without it. This starts the craze. They get interested in more software developed by the company and the company, taking advantage of this, goes laughing to the bank.

Note: You can only use the software in a non-commercial environment else its illegal and I cannot take any responsibility for it.
Today’s giveaway is “Reminder Commander 2.20 ”
Reminder Commander will help you create a system of reminders for important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, important phone calls and much more. Reminder Commander has been designed on the basis of user opinions and suggestions. This is the reason for the program’s intuitive interface, which is extremely easy and comfortable to use

The giveaway will end in 19 hours 27 minutes (At the time of this writing) You can even add the ticker to your own page; Its available here.

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