Get Free Genuine License for 5 PC Tools products

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Today i thought of compiling a list of working promo’s for PC Tools product and i found promo’s for 5 PC Tools products which are still working.

Here is the List of   promo’s the 5 PC Tools products:

1.Spyware Doctor 6 with AntiVirus

Regardless of Antivirus, PC Tools Spyware Doctor is one of the best and famous antispyware Specialist.
Here we have two promo’s for this product.

A. Free 90 days License for Spyware Doctor 6 with AntiVirus:
Visit this link and download the installation file.
B.Spyware Doctor 6 Starter Edition full commercial download
This is a crippled version of Spyware doctor 6, visit this link and start downloading the software.

Note: Don’t use Spyware Doctor 6 full version in low end systems minimum 1GB ram is preferred for smooth performance,low end system users can use Spyware Doctor 6 Starter Edition.


2.Free 1 year PC Tools Internet Security2009 License

I’m using this in my Acer Desktop for about 6 months, which was very effective when used in conjunction with other antivirus products like Avira, Dr web antivirusand Immunet Protect .. e.t.c

I was satisfied with this product, which is much enough for normal net user unless if you are using warez products.

Promo Link: Visit this link and follow the steps

3. Free 1 year PC Tools Privacy Guardian 4.1 License

Don’t think that your PC privacy and security was assured by just installing firewall, antivirus  and spyware detector softwares .In Windows, web browsers and most other applications all maintain details of things you’re doing, like files you’re opening or viewing, web sites you’ve visited and so on.

Privacy Guardian is a powerful tool which allows the user to detect and delete Internet tracks, hidden files, and program activity records saved in the browser.

Promo link: Visit this link and follow the steps.

4.Free 1 year Desktop Maestro 3 License:

This is more effective and almost has same user interface as that of PC tools Registry Mechanic .Desktop Maestro 3.0 is a comprehensive program from PC Tools. It combines the functionality of various software offered by PC Tools.

Promo link: This is a 3 PC user license, visit this link and follow the steps.

5.Free FREE 1year PC Tools Registry Mechanic License :

Registry Mechanic, by it’s name you can understand what it will do. The more software you install (and uninstall), your Registry will enlarge with additional information, causing your machine to spend more time searching your Registry, which results in extra time taken to perform tasks.

PC Tools’ Registry Mechanic software purports to solve all registry-related problems in your Windows installation, which is said to make your system run a little faster and eradicate any error dialogues that you receive due to improper registry settings.

Promo link: Visit this link and follow the steps.

So grab above promo’s according to your system needs,Hope this will be useful to all.