Get free $79.95! worth 1 year genuine license key for Panda Internet Security 2009

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panda intenet security 2009
Above title may look very big,but i have to name a title which will be distinct from other posts,as there some 5 to 6 posts with title “Get free Genuine license key”.

OK,i’m here to share a trick for getting free free Panda Internet Security 2009 license key valid for 1 year.This is a joint promotion between Panda and Softonic which will each give 6 months subscription and this 2(6 months) adds up to 1 year.

Panda Internet Security is a state of art security suite provides more comprehensive security module than Panda Anti virus plus firewall 2009 version which protects your personal data from being stolen online, optimizes the performance of your operating system, and protects children from objectionable Internet content. It has incorporate their trademark security technology TruPrevent and Mega detection technology which offer a high security protection than traditional antivirus applications and able to blocking unknown viruses and intruders.

On this Panda Internet Security, it provides security guard against Spyware , AntiRookit, Virus, Worms, Trojans , Identity theft/ Online fraud, Hackers and Phishing. Plus more, it also provides automated backup features to copy your most important documents and optimize the performance of your computer.

To get this Panda Internet Security 2009 is easy, All you need to do is follow below simple steps

1.Visit this  German Promotion page (
2. Fill the form by entering your email, password, username, first and last name, date of birth,select gender(left male,right female) click “Mein Konto erstellen” button at bottom as shown in the below figure,you can also check out the translated picture below.
Translated Panda security Registration page

3. Check your email (with th subject Anmeldung bei bestätigen‏.) and click activation link to activate your Softonic account.

4.Now Navigate to this page,then enter your registered email,  password and note down the  Serial Number ( Seriennummer) shown in the website
panda security 2009

5.Now visit this ,
Fill up the form along with the Serial Number ( Seriennummer) that you got,if everything goes right you will get a Client number(copy it) from Thankyou Page.

6.Now you will receive an email with username & password, Activation Code and Customer Number from Panda Security services.

7.Download Panda Internet Security 2009,by logging with username & password that you got from Panda services.

8.That’s all!,install Panda Internet Security 2009 and activate the product by entering your Activation code, email.

Note: click Yes when asked are you a Panda Security client. client number and “Customer Number” are same.

  1. Saya sudah mendownload Panda Vaccine utk memvaksin komputer dan flashdisk. Memang saya bisa memvaksin komputer tetapi saya tidak bisa memvaksin flashdisk

    Mengaap itu bisa terjadi? dan bagaimana cara mengatasinya?



  2. Hey can someone send me a free activation code for panda because I’ve tried to follow these steps but it isn’t working for me. My e-mail is [email protected]. Thanks a a lot!!!!