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On speed premium web accelerator
Here is another Promotional offer or freebie set by Indian software portal Yuva Yantra,where it is offering free $40 worth genuine one year license for ONSPEED Web Accelerator, one of the popular web-acceleration software.

About Onspeed:

ONSPEED offers upto 5x speed gain on Dial-up connection and upto 3x on Broadband connection achieved using proxy based compression between your computer and the website server .
ONSPEED is a new compression technology that gives broadband-like speeds for any dialup connection. It has been awarded 5 stars in reviews conducted more than 8 technology titles including Internet Advisor, .Net and Computer Active.


Unlike many of the other programs which promise to optimize your internet connection or modem OnSpeed offer noticeable improvements in speed – on average around 5x normal dial-up speeds

More info:

Steps to Get Freeworth Onspeed Premium Web accelerator:

  1. Visit this YuvaYantra promotional page(click here)
  2. yuvayantra-web-accelerator-details_1240224796193

  3. Now click “Get It Now” button and register a account by entering your email address an password(twice) as shown in above figure
  4. Now check your email ,then click conformation link ,now click  “Get It Now” button and click “confirm” button by choosing 1year as shown in below figure
  5. ONSPEED Web Accelerator banner

    ONSPEED Web Accelerator

  6. Now click “I Agree “button and Download the software(3.4 Mb) by clicking Download button

  1. Your offer does not work for non-resident indians. You as much as possible try to indicate that on your flyers