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Cryptzone Encryption Bundle

Today we are sharing another promotional offer set by Chip (German) magazine as a Easter gift. Although it is not a popular software,but promotional offers doesn’t come so often nowadays(??),so grab this offer now.

What is Cryptzone Endpoint Encryption ?

The Cryptzone Endpoint Encryption bundle contains 3 products:

1.Secured eMail
2.Secured eFile
3.Secured eUSB

1. secure eMail:
Secured eMail is an email encryption solution designed to bring you ease of use, while maintaining a high level of security in communications.
Using AES-256 and System SKG, this has been achieved. As a vital part of the Simple Encryption Platform (SEP), Secured eMail is tightly integrated within your current environment, lying merely as a thin layer on top of your existing infrastructure. Once installed, the Simple Encryption Platform can easily be extended to include more functionality, such as File/Folder encryption, USB encryption, Full hard disk encryption as well as Policy Enforcement.

2.Secured eFile:
Secured eFile is a simple to use file encryption solution that can either be used in an Enterprise solution or as a stand-alone client installation. The users’ working routine will not be affected thanks to the transparent integration with Microsoft® Windows®.

With simple right-click operation, you can be securing your sensitive data in just a few minutes. On top of that, you no longer need to do several actions just to access or edit a secured file. Simply double-click the item just like you would any other, supply the password and the file will open in the correct software. When you save the document it will automatically be encrypted again. Unlike other solutions, because of this workflow integration, there’s no need for unsecuring, opening, editing, saving and then (unless you forget of course) encrypt the file again. Secured eFile does all of this for you.

3.Secured eUSB:
Secured eUSB makes it possible to convert a regular USB flash drive into an encrypted USB pendrive with strong security so that you can safely travel with sensitive information.Using AES-256 bit encryption this has been achieved. As a vital part of the Simple Encryption Platform (SEP), Secured eUSB is tightly integrated within your operating system, lying merely as a thin layer on top of your existing infrastructure.


Steps to get free Cryptzone Endpoint Encryption Bundle:

  1. Visit this Promotional Page here),which will be in German language.
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  2. So now click the Download Button,which will be similar to above shown image.
  3. Now Install Downloaded Cryptzone Endpoint Encryption Bundle ,don’t worry installer will be in English language.
  4. Photobucket

  5. Now at the end of installation click  Finish button along  a box checked  with ” Activate Installation now“,as shown in above image.
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  7. Now click Sig In button,then  enter your name,company,email and then Click Register button as shown in above image
  8. At last you will get a conformation saying “your cryptzone license is acive and up to date ” as shown in  below image.

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