Blogote has shown way how to  get firefox  addons for chrome via  bookmarklets

To add the bookmarklet to Google Chrome, simply drag and drop then to your bookmarks toolbar in Google Chrome. Here are few of the most interesting bookmarklets.
Click ctrl+b on your chrome browser and you will have a static bookmarking bar whenever a new tab is opened!

  • Adblock+ – Disable/block ads on webpages.
  • Stumble it – Stumble a website in Google Chrome.
  • Gmail This – Allows you to send a webpage using Gmail.
  • Socialize – Submit a webpage to more than 50 social networking sites.
  • Google Pagerank – View the page rank of any web page with this useful bookmarklet.
  • Twitter now and Tumblelog – Allows you to post any webpage to your micro blog at Twitter and Tumblr.
  • Translate – Translate any web page using Google Translation.

Empower Google Chrome with Firefox addonsVia blogote