Get Battlefield 3 for free

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As part of the “On the House” promo , Electronic Arts is now offering Battlefield 3 PC game free for Origin users .Usually Battlefield 3 game for PC is priced at $19.99 (about £15), now from your Origin account you can download the game for free until June 3,2014.

This doesn’t mean it’ll disappear from your account after June 3,once you’ve claimed the game through”On the House” promo , it’s yours forever or until EA shuts down its servers.

Battlefield 3 free


This year in April EA launched the “On the House” promo scheme for origin users and offered third-person survival horroDead Space PC game for free, also apart from Battlefield 3, this program is also offering Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition free until June 17.

EA says “Battlefield 3 is now On the House on Origin, which means it’s absolutely free for a limited time. No catch, just add it to your Origin library and it’s all yours, forever!
Once added you can download and play Battlefield 3 whenever you want”.


So, claim your free copy of  Battlefield 3 game by visiting this Origin store link.