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It seems the famous free Windows security software provider Avira has released the final version of its security app for Android OS, Avira Free Android Security 2.0 is available at Google play store and the app has antivirus scanning and removal tool, as well as anti-theft features like  remote lock, wipe, and ‘scream’ .

Avira Free Android Security app has been in beta for quite some time, today while looking for a free security apps at Google Play , I noticed the app has been out of Avira’s BetaCenter and officially available. The app can be divided into two parts:   Functions of the   app on your device and Avira Android Web Console.

Functions and Activating Avira Free Android Security app on your Device:

So to test/use the app , I installed it on my wife’s low-end Android phone (karbon A21), the app size is around 3.2 MB.On launching the Avira Free Android security app, first you need to create an account and register your device, the process is quick and doesn’t require any email confirmations, just enter your email address and password (twice).

create avira free android security account


This account can be used to access anti-theft features and monitor your device remotely via Avira’s Android device Web Console: You can  add up to 5 devices to the same Avira Free Android Security account.

Next  you need to enable device administrator to allow . anti-theft features  Remote wipe  with factory reset and Remote  lock, you can either enable or skip this feature (choice is yours). If you have skipped this step during installation , you can enable these features through “Settings” on the app’s main interface.  Also ,If you wish to uninstall this app,  you need disable  Device Administrator before you uninstall this app .

avira free android security anti-theft features

Next and final step is to Activate device administrator,  Activating the device administrator will allow you/Avira Free Android  security app to delete private data from your device in the event of theft or loss of the device . In order to do so, you are required to grant permission to the Erase all  data operations. Avira will only erase data only on your request.

After finishing these three  configuration steps, you  will see the app main interface or dashboard, the structure of the dashboard is grouped intuitively. The displayed buttons; Antivirus, Blacklist, Anti-theft, Settings and Help will guide the users to attain the wanted result. Below you can view a brief description of these buttons/features:

1. Antivirus:
Although the app is out from beta, but still Avira listed Antivirus as beta. This Antivirus is intended to protect your Android from malicious apps , the Antivirus scanner checks all newly installed apps for malware and you can manually scan the entire device using this function. Further the app will receive  automatic virus definition updates to protect you android against latest threats. Every time an app is updated, the latest version is also scanned for malware.

2. Blacklist

The Blacklist is a basic filter for unwanted calls, SMS and events. Just add to the Blacklist the contacts you wish to ignore and all incoming calls and SMS from the added contacts will be blocked.

Depending on the device manufacturer and mobile network provider, the blocked caller may hear a busy tone, be forwarded to voicemail or the call may be terminated.

Any SMS from a blocked contact is intercepted so the default SMS client does not receive them. The user will not receive any SMS notifications or alerts. The intercepted SMS is stored in the app’s database.

Avira Free Android Security app

3. Anti-theft:

This function will display remote Anti-theft features available on the Avira Web Console,the anti-theft features include : location tracking, remote wipe, remote lock and remote scream.

4. Settings:
This option lets you enable or disable device administrator. Enabling device administrator activates Remote wipe  with factory reset and Remote  lock features.

5. Help
All help-related information is grouped into the Help page, accessible via the Help button on the dashboard
These are just few functions available on the dashboard of the app on your device, but the app provides lots of remote features which are accessible through Avira webconsel. Below  I listed the remote/web features with breif description.

Avira Web Console Features:

You can access  Avira web console  through this link : and login to your account. Logging  in to your account dashboard, you will find an overview of all registered devices and displays  functions that can be accessed directly. These functions include: Locate Device, Wipe, Scream, Lock and Blacklist.

To access these features, you can click either the tabs at the top of the Dashboard or  click on the summary area of each feature on the main page.

avira android web console

1. Locate Device
This feature helps to find a misplaced or a stolen cell phone by triggering the Locate your device command. Whenever the app on the device receives this command, it will locate the mobile position and immediately send the location value back.

To avoid tracking failures, Avira Free Android Security searches the mobile via GPS,  Cell Tower Location and Wireless LAN.The location of the device will be displayed on the Avira Web Console via Google

2. Wipe
The Wipe data option is a feature that will help you to delete all private information on the device in case the mobile has been stolen and sensitive data is stored on the

You can select which data should be deleted from the device, you can wipe data on the SIM card or  data on SD card or  Factory Reset. The deleted data by a wipe cannot be recovered, so think twice before deleting any data.

3. Scream

The  feature helps to find your device in case it got misplaced or lost. By clicking Trigger Scream the device will emit a loud alarm for 20 seconds with maximum volume even when the device is muted.

Avira Free Android Security
During this time, the scream cannot be terminated. The white noise is a default tone and cannot be changed manually. The scream will not be emitted when the device is
Switched off or out of battery power.


4 .Lock

If the cell phone is no longer traceable and it is assumed that the device was stolen, it is strongly recommended to lock the device immediately in order to protect the

To lock the device, you need enter a 4 digits PIN (twice) and leave a message for the finder of the device.The message may consist of a maximum of 120 characters, also you can provide  an alternate phone number, so that the finder of the device can call you back.

Further Web Console provides your devices remaining battery life and installed Android version as well as device specifics such as model and carrier information. Also the Web Console stores the history of all Avira Free Android Security functions performed on your devices. Places a phone has been located, dates and times of remote screams, locks and unlocks are conveniently available online.


Although the app provides basic antivirus protection , but you can notice that Avira Free Android Security app  main focus is to provide  physical security for your Android device , the anti-theft-protection features  ensure to protect or track your Android device if you have it stolen or misplace it. I like the scream function very much ,you can try on your own and hear the sound  or alarm for 20 seconds.

If you are  a frequent traveler or you have to tend to forget/lose your Smartphone, then this is must have app for you. Others who already use  mobile security suites like Kaspersky can install this for extra security.


Download : Avira Free Android Security