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Genie Timeline Professional is a real-time backup solution for Windows users that is designed to back up your Files and folders the way you want it to, the software offers simple, easy and automated way to back up your data.

Backing up data is an essential part  of computer maintenance, but people continue to run the risk of losing their data.Backing up your PC occasionally is a  good idea,however people think backing up data is tedious task , but the only thing you have to do is  to choose the right tool and Genie Timeline Professional 2.1 is one such tool that can help to safeguard your data.

Genie Timeline Pro is a time Machine tool which performs seamless automatic real-time backup for all your files and folders. The purpose of Genie Timeline 2.1 is to offer all Windows users a simple and easy, automated, powerful solution to perform continuous data protection. With just three simple steps you can set up an automated, seamless backup.

All you need to do is,just point the program at your destination drive, tell the program generally what you’d like to back up, and it’ll then run in the background, backing up your key files in real-time.

Genie Timeline Pro 2.1 provides options to edit your Smart Selections (where you decide what files are to be backed up) by providing specific file types. You are also given the option to encrypt your backup with 256 Military Grade AES Encryption. With Genie Timeline Professional 2.1 you are able to limit the amount of drive space that Timeline will use for backups. It is a backup/restore tool that is designed to meet the data protection needs of all users.

Genie Timeline Professional Features :

  1. Genie Timeline Professional 2.1 provides real-time continuous data protection for your computer around the clock
  2. Backup all data types automatically via Smart Selections feature such as music, videos, pictures, documents, eBooks …etc
  3. Recover your system from crashes using the unique easy Disaster Recovery feature
  4. Restore your files easily with a simple right-click, and secure your files with 256-bit AES military grade encryption
  5. Genie Timeline Professional 2.1 runs in multiple performance modes depending on CPU usage

Genie Timeline Professional 2.1 For Free :

  1. Just visit this page :
  2. Next,fill required fields in the form, such as valid email id to receive Genie Timeline Pro license code.
  3. Download Genie Timeline Professional 2.1 :


  1. This isn’t working – instead it shows a coupon for 1/2 off for 24hours??? Please help!

  2. This isn’t working.I cannot get it for half the price and not for “45€($59.95). I have to pay the full amount of €54.95.
    I will wait untill I get the form to fill in my
    valid email id to receive Genie Timeline Pro license code.

  3. Promo is already expired after few days,and ver.2.1 replaced to 3.0.Try new version but program do not load after upgrade or fresh install.Old version works just fine.

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