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Iobit Game Booster

Yesterday I started using IOBit Advanced SystemCare3 a comprehensive PC care utility that takes a one-click approach to repair, and optimize your computer.
In additional tools option they suggested to use Game Booster.

IOBit Game Booster is a small utility that helps you adjust your computer to free up resources to play games, so you can obtain the maximum benefits possible.

It is simple, in order to get more performance while gaming, the unnecessary Windows running applications ( always junk one) which are consuming memory unnecessarily must be stopped. This software just kills a list of running programs (you have the option pick which to keep and which to kill) when you start to run a game and return backs your pc to normal process once your gaming session is finished. To understand more clearly, we could say that Game Booster act as a switch that instantly turn off anything you do not need.


Game Booster will turn off any unnecessary Windows services, do a quick RAM sweep, and offer to close any other programs that are currently running.

Game Booster is useful in non-gaming situations,For example, to watch high definition you can on Game Booster for better performance.Game Booster is a freeware utility that is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP,


official website : Iobit Game Booster
Download: Game Booster