Gaaiho Reader 4 - Lightweight PDF Reader

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Gaaiho Reader 4 is a lightweight and free PDF reader for Windows users.

The software offers many features, it allows you preview, open and manage PDFs with ease.It provides lots of viewing options, a complete set of annotation tools and the ability to add a signature or password.

Gaaiho Reader even lets you create PDFs online, making easy to create and convert PDFs without installing anything.

AddPDF option does not only help you with converting PDF to Word and Word to PDF but also make sure your documents stay untouched by others.

The Reader offers a variety of tools and options to make reading PDF more accessible, there are rulers, grid, multi-window and multi-page tools available to make you read with more efficiency.

The PDF Manager feature can quickly find all PDF files in your computer. The user can browse, search, copy, delete, rename files and the edits will be kept in sync with the original.

The reader offers a complete set of annotation tools such as note, typewriter, highlight, stamp, and shapes, which allows users to enrich their documents even more. Beyond, you can also add attachments or measure lengths on the PDF.

The interface of the application is straightforward, from the main window you can get access to all the features.Whenever you launch the free version of Gaaiho you will notice an advert for the paid-for Gaaiho PDF Suite, ignore the Try Free button.

Key Features:

  • Preview, open and manage all PDF files
  • Diverse PDF viewing capabilities
  • Complete comment & annotation tools
  • Apply signature & password
  • Create PDF online

Overall, Gaaiho Reader is a light, fast and right PDF reader.Besides exceptionally fast launching and displaying speed, Gaaiho is reliable in printing, filling forms annotating documents and adding bookmarks.


The file size of the software is around 49 MB, the application works on Windows XP/Vista /7/8+/10.

Download Gaaiho Reader 4 :